Have you ever had one of those unbelievable moments, A magical perfect momen that straight afterwards you say ‘did that really just happen!’

We had one of those moments when two wild fawns walked up to us and played around us for 10 minutes before we left them to it.

Now we’ve all seen videos of people who stumble upon a small fawn on youtube, but usually they approach them or the baby deer is cowering in the grass trying to evade being detected, but what happened to us has no similarity to this.

We had just reached a cross roads in the wood, when my hubby spotted a fawn in the long grass in the middle of the path. It was around 15 feet away so we stopped dead bolt still, we expected the fawn to run off. but it stayed where it was not fazed by our presence

It got up slowly then was joined by its sibling :-o. That was enough of a OMG moment, but to our gob-smacking surprise they approached us. They walked straight up to us and sniffed our legs, fearlessly!

We gently sat down in the grass and the fawn (the other one had gone looking for mom) happily played around us, skipping and charging us. The faun was obviously hungry and ready for its dinner apparently from anyone with how it was constantly bleating for it’s mom. Although it was bleeping a lot it was obvious there was nothing wrong with how it was jumping and running around.

We had the honour of spending 10 minutes with this little fawn until we got up slowly and left quietly, inside I wanted to shout out loud while jumping up and down with excitement. I had to be quiet for over an hour before we left the wood, then when I got in the car and the doors were closed, I screamed my head off :-)

I went to bed on a happy high and in the morning the first thing I thought about was the Faun’s and I got excited all over again and couldn’t get back to sleep :-) brilliant feeling.

My hubby who has a painful bad back felt no pain from the adrenaline high, we were both breathless from the excitement. Funny thing is my hubby was complaining before we got to the wood and was planning on going around the wood just once, he said before we got to the wood ‘ I don’t care if a deer walks right up to me, I’m only going around the wood once, my backs bloody killing me’. He went around 3 times before he called it a night and we had a good laugh at his expense on the way home :-)

An amazing unforgettable once in a life time moment that we were lucky enough to share with these little fawns.

We didn’t touch the fawns, it would have been so easy but rule number one is don’t touch wild baby animals, we were just quiet and still, I still can’t believe this happened to us :-).

It’s helpful to know that if you find a fawn in grass it’s not necessarily been abandoned by its mother. Fawns spend most of the day totally alone, they only get fed 2-3 times a day (deer are active 24 hours a day) so they do spend a massive 8 or more hours between feeds (don’t you just wish human babies where like that :-)) Fauns spend very little time with their mother. Interestingly it’s the fawn that wonders off first when it’s had enough food and cuddles, then the mother leaves.

Best thing to do if you stumble upon a fawn is to leave it alone, rule number one is don’t touch (deers want accept their young if a human touches them) and leave the fawns were they are, if you are concerned then go back the next day and if they are still their or are in a bad way then contact an animal welfare agency (here in the UK that would be the RSPCA or a local wildlife shelter).

Leave it to the experts, they know what they are doing.

You’ll be pleased to hear we watched a female deer before we left the wood heading in the direction of the fawns, when we went back the next day and they were gone. What humans would perceive as a baby in distress (from the video you can see they were bleating a lot) was normal deer behavior (other than just wondering up to a human of course :-)), I’m just glad I’m a huge wildlife nut and have seen many programs about what to do if you ever find a fawn, we followed the rules and got an amazing experience we will never forget.