We had a fantastic night out watching Mercury live at our local theatre, Rocking Tribute Band to Queen.

Good night out Band Rocked!

We’ve seen a Tribute Band to Queen before that one was called One Night of Queen The lead singer in One Night of Queen was better than the singer in Mercury, but the band played better in Mercury than One Night of Queen, so if the two tribute bands could swap singers you’d have a mind blowing combination, for one of the bands any how.

Mercury was good though, well worth the money and kudos to the band for producing a fantastic rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, Not many dare try that one, it was Awesome!

Not related to watching Mercury, but funny story we happened to stumble across a tribute to queen on TV today where singing legends had got together to pay tribute to Freddy Mercury.

While Axel Roads was singing We Will Rock You, our son says “Who’s He” while wearing a T-shirt with Guns and Roses plastered across it, Me and his Dad burst out laughing and just said “look down on your T-shirt, Axel Roads the lead singer of Guns and Roses”.

Kids Today!, I Don’t Know, if they didn’t make you laugh they wouldn’t be worth having :)