Spotted a proud mother duck who has a brood of 16 baby ducklings

wow she’ll be busy, rather her than me :)

Their so cute trying to get in and out of the water aww!

I hope this mother ducks babies survives.

Mother Duck with 16 Babies

Don’t pay attention to the state of the Water the baby ducks are swimming and eating in, it’s a shame but Skegness councils (there are 3 of them) don’t give a monkeys about the boating lake and it’s filled with rubbish :(

That’s true I’m sure of most areas around the UK in an era of austerity.

Baby Ducklings

They would rather sack a maintenance guy/gal rather than risk councilors getting their big wages and personal privileges for their business within the town reduced.

Mother Duck and 16 Ducklings

Shame on them!

The funny thing is there is a business running row boats on the lake and they are too lazy to clean up the waters edge for the sake of their own income let alone caring for the wildlife, typical Skegness :(

David Cameron’s big society could start right there one employee and a net could clean the boating lake right up in 30 mins.


Rant Over, back to being happy LOL :)

Proud Mother Duck