Comment on Mother Duck with 16 Baby Duckling in Skegness by Happy Chile.

LOL, touchy much, ‘good’ maybe now something will be done about the state of the boating lake.

I’ve been walking around the boating lake twice a day for 2 years on my 4 mile walk a day with my husband and I can tell you that the boating lake this year has not been cleaned, the council (your husbands boss might be a councilor since a councilor owned the business on the lake in 2008/2009), has left the boating lake in a state TUT TUT, I do believe this is a combination of local government cuts that has seen maintenance in Skegness reduced.

There is a discussion on this very subject on Facebook where residence in Skegness have complained about the rubbish build up on the lake as well as in Skegness as a whole to some councilors and late last week ‘surprise surprise’ the boating lake was cleaned.

I don’t care who cleans it whether it’s the council, business or the police by stopping the drunks and litter louts on the boating lake throwing their rubbish, just as long as it’s cleaned for the sake of the environment.

If you husband has been clearing the lake every morning ‘cough’ how on earth did he miss a big inflatable beach ball that was there over a week floating around in the water, I did notice how a ground sheet for a tent miraculously made it’s way over the barrier to the other side of the lake over a week ago.

That much rubbish doesn’t build up in a day, and if it does then a business should clean it more than once a day, since people are paying good money to row on the lake, what should it matter that the council own the lake, people are paying to put food on your table of your husbands boss, so he should send out his workforce or should roll up his sleeves and clean it himself irrespective of whose responsibility it is.

Take some pride for heaven sake!

I think your husband has been scooping up air for the last 3 plus months, I’d say he needs a better net, one without a big whole in it for the rest of the holiday season :)