I had a great mothers day this weekend :-)

I went out and played pool with my son, had a great meal of organic Quiche with lettuce cheese and grapes and then we spent the afternoon digging up the garden ready for summer as a family :-)

I don’t like to be sent flowers I prefer them alive so my son planned to do my garden for me, in the end it ended up being a family activity with us all digging up the garden ready for summer.

Happy Mothers Day

We laid some slabs, put out a bird table and I’ve ordered my new wildflower seeds so every time I look at my beautiful garden it’ll remind me of my great day!

I love being in my garden and having the family care made me happy, a real mothers day treat, lets face it not every mother gets a good mothers day me included, I think this was the first mothers day where I didn’t get forgotten and end up crying :-)

I know I’m not the only one, I was talking to a cashier at my local supermarket and she said she woke and there was one daffodil in a vase on her table, her husband tried to make out it was her son that had picked it for her before she went to work, but she said he was fast asleep snoring in bed.

So because Mothers get forgotten more than they are remembered why not share what was your Best mothers day moment or what did you do for your mother to show her how much you care, by leave a comment below and telling people all about your great day so they can live in hope that maybe, just once, they’ll be loved instead of always loving others :-).