We had an awesome time at a murder mystery night, the theme was Hawaiian so we all went dressed up in hawaiian outfits.

We had a fantastic time, I opened my curtains up to a miserable rainy day this morning, but I was still on a high from last night and was feeling happy and Hawaiian :)

Skegness Murder Mystery Night

We’ve never been to a murder mystery night before so we didn’t know what to expect, we thought it would be a sort of a party and we would be watching the local theatre group do a play, but it was us who was a character in the murder mystery which was wicked, I love joining in :).

My character was Lenzi Flash a tenacious photographer who would stop at nothing to get a picture, my hubby was Midas King a billionaire entrepreneur and our son was Sol Boatman who was a doughnut artist, but actually turned out to be an FBI agent :)

Murder Mystery Night Church Farm

Non of us was the killer of Jack Marrow a man everyone seemed to hate and had a motive to kill that night, he broke my very expensive camera into a million pieces and didn’t even apologize, a good enough reason to hit him on the head with a coconut if you ask me :), but alas he was killed by a incognito film star.

The murder mystery night at church farm had a great atmosphere with some really fun loving people.

A big personal thank you to the Skegness Playgoers who made last nights fun possible, you all rock :)

The Village Murder Mystery Night

Also would like to add thank you for making it a family event, it’s so difficult to find events to do with kids particularly teens.

I can not express just how much fun we all had last night, all I can say is if you get the chance to go to a murder mystery night go, there a lot of fun.

Murder Mystery Night Skegness Playgoers