It was National Science Fiction Day on the 2nd January, but who cares this one celebrated that can be any time of the year, so sit back and snuggle up on the sofa and watch some great sci fi movies together.

Doesn’t matter if you fancy a new or old science fiction film it’s up to you, you can either catch up on the latest block buster at the movies or sit back and enjoy an old favorite at home.

We grabbed the popcorn and watched the British film Paul an alien encounter of the funny kind for our celebration of National Science Fiction Day starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

We like a bit of science fiction, beats reality any day of the week :-)

Whether you want to admit it or not science fiction plays a huge part in every ones life, many great inventions have been developed due to science fiction film and media, inspiring technology and pushing science forward.

Did you know their could be a connection with automatic doors and Gen Roddenberry’s Star Trek, without star trek we could all still be opening doors with our hands in shopping malls, how barbaric :-)

Although we had the elevator door way before the automatic door which is mechanically opened by an attached mechanism to the elevator, modern automatic door in malls works today use a very simple form of radar to detect when someone passes near the door. The box above the door sends out a burst of microwave radio energy. When a person moves into the field of microwave energy opens the door, older models worked by mats that you walked over.

On the film set of Star Trek in the 50’s it was filmed way before automatic door were used or invented, there doors on set was opened by someone pulling the door out of the way of the actors as they walked through. This resulted in many TV bloopers where the actor face planted head first into a closed door because the operator didn’t move the door out of the way fast enough :-)

Science fiction has and continues to push the imaginations of science, what’s cool on a movie or in a book to a child today, could become his life’s work in the future helping to further the development of humanity all because he saw something in a movie.

Makes you think, so don’t be to quick to dismiss the power and wonder of a sci fi film and embrace your inner geek on national science fiction day.