Wrote 20 Things I love About You for my Son

You can find the Assignment 20 Things I Love About You at www.operationnice.com/2009/06/nice-assignment-20things.html

Operation Nice is quite a “nice :)” website, similar to this feel good Website, other than the author of Operation Nice talk a lot more than me in her articles.

When I write I always worry that I’m boring someone so I tend to keep it short, I’m just not very talkative.

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20 Things
I love About You
1. When you talk in accents to make me smile.
2. The crazy things you say off the cuff
3. you make me laugh with your wicked sense of humor
4. you never complain at helping me
5. when you team up with dad to prank me
6. The little dances you do
7. you call your dad Bud Bear and me Ree Bear
8. you say I’m an awesome mom everyday.
9. you let me win at snooker
10. You still hold my hand
11. You hug me in public
12. your a fantastic artist
13. your generosity
14. your protectiveness
15. how much you love your food
16. That it takes you 20 Min’s more than others to eat.
17. You taught me how to catch crickets
18. How loving you are to me and your dad.
19. How you always refer to food to tell someone how much they mean to you like: I love you as much as biscuits :)
20. Weird conversations and stories we make up to pass time.
Dedicated to my beautiful Son.

Thank you for all the little things you do to make me happy and all the little things that make you so precious to me.