We chose our gift for charity as a family this year and we decided to go with Oxfam unwrapped Gift aid.

We gathered together huddled around the Oxfam unwrapped Booklet and Website and chose farming Tools and 2 packets of seeds.

Oxfam Seeds

Oxfam Rocks they’ve got lots of gifts to choose from to donate to the third world from as little as £5.

Oxfam unwrapped is a great Gift to give in Aid of those in need and has to be one of the best things to do at Christmas for Charity during the Season of Loving and Giving. Oxfam unwrapped is so affordable! I was surprised, a lot of the Oxfam unwrapped Gift Aid products are well under £10

How Oxfam unwrapped works couldn’t be easier you choose a category, pick a gift which they have lots to choose from in each category and pay either in a Oxfam Charity shop or online on the Oxfam website


Oxfam Chickens

There are 8 Oxfam unwrapped Gift Aid categories to choose from, there’s Animal Lovers for people who love our furry friends, you can buy a poor person Livestock from Cows to Goats and for just £11 you can buy a chicken :)

Oxfam Well

For those who like a bit of DIY Oxfam Unwrapped can help you purchase a Toilet or shelter for someone in need.

Fresh Water

Eco Warriors can give money on renewable energy like Solar Panels or for as little as £9 give a person safe drinking water.

Oxfam Safewater

People who value children can help a child have an education by training a teacher or for £7 give a child school supplies through the Oxfam Unwrapped scheme.

Innovators can help someone set up a business so they can take care of themselves and benefit their communities directly.


Foodies for the connoisseurs amongst us can ensure food production in the third world can be sustained. you could buy coca beans or even a hive of bees. For as little as £7 you can feed a family or for less than £30 give them the ability to feed themselves.

Oxfam Farming Tools

Oxfam Unwrapped is a perfect gift for the green fingered gardener who can buy seeds, tool or an allotment so a family or village can feed themselves efficiently.

If you would like to give your unwrapped Oxfam Gift Aid directly to the children in the third world you could purchase support for a vulnerable child or pay for their education, £7 will give a child a playtime which is so important for a child’s well being and is so often forgotten, many children in the third world never learn the importance of play as many of them work long hours, just like you who might have a pedicure or go down to the pub to give yourself a break from work or worries a child in the third world should be allowed to be children even if it’s just for a little while.


A Oxfam unwrapped Parents and Carers category can help with Medical check ups and ensure people can sleep safely by supplying a Mosquito Nets and hygiene kits so people can simply have a wash.

Oxfam Mosquito Nets

Put your inner Bah Humbug to one side and log onto the Oxfam Website and give what you can, it is Christmas after all :).


Oxfam Go Fishing