You’ve blown the biggest bubble you can with your gob full of bubble gum, now what! there’s nothing else you can do with bubble gum, right?

Wrong! challenge your friends to a bubble gum race.

My hubby and I decided to see who could be the first one to blow ten bubbles in a mad race, we had loads of fun.

It’s not that easy to do, my bubble gum kept falling out my mouth because I was laughing so much :-)

This is what you do:

Chew your gum till it’s nice and soft.

Face your opponent (this is important, it means you can cheat by making your rival laugh and they wont be able to blow a bubble :)) and on the count of three start blowing.

Bubbles have to make a pop or they don’t count and you can’t make your bubble bang by sucking it backwards it has to pop while it’s being blown outwards.

The first one to ten wins.

My hubby has won me every day this week, but I’m determined to beat him, I brough 2 packets of hubba bubba and I aint quitting until I’ve won one.

He can’t beat me on blowing the biggest bubble, blew one as big as my head and got the stuff stuck in my hair, but it was worth it just to beat him :-)

Have fun!