We went to see sponge fest the other day it was awesome :)

Our cheeks were hurting after the show from all the smiling and laughing, I don’t think our faces dropped once during the show, so much fun.

Paul Zerdin is a ventriloquist and sponge fest is a great family comedy show with the main stars being of the spongy kind.

Paul’s amazing talent brought to life Sam, Albert and baby and transported us all to a world of make believe and laughs.

The whole audience was lively throughout the show, I loved it when Paul as part of his act with baby shouted boo and a little kid in the audience yelled ‘argh’! LOL.

When baby came out on stage everyone went argh, except for me, I burst out laughing I thought it was funny looking not cute :)

The ending was spectacular a real surprise, I wont spoil it for you in case you get the opportunity to see sponge fest, let me just say it’s not to be missed and leaves you with a warm glow inside