Say hello to Stevey and Steve, my Jekyll and Hyde pet rock :-) why have one pet rock when you can have two rocky friends.

I was bored on a very rainy afternoon in fact the whole of the UK been hit with bad weather which resulted in many areas of Britain being flooded, Luckily we wasn’t one of them.

I wasn’t going anywhere, so braved the wet as far as my backyard and settled down indoors to a nice afternoon of creative painting.

Rock Painting

A pet rock has been on my fun bucket and spade list for a while and a rainy day was the perfect excuse to make my new friends Stevey and Steve :-).

Your never to old to have a pet rock, all you need is a good-sized rock, I chose one that could stand up on its own and had a large flat surface to paint on, acrylic paint and paint brushes.

Pet Rocks are very therapeutic to make, the rain was bucketing down out side with me safe inside surrounded by bright coloured paint, having loads of fun being creative, it really took my mind off the lousy weather.

Pet Rock

Pet rocks make great door stops for around the home, I’m going to get the family together go for a walk along the beach where we can all collect a rock and paint it then I’ll have a family of pet rocks for around the house, with the wet English weather I’ll have a horde of pet rocks in no time :-)