I’m into photography, it’s one of my favorite hobbies.

I was out with my son when we spotted a male house sparrow beside us in a bush I couldn’t resist

Male House Sparrow

I captured this great close up thanks to the birds natural curiosity interested in what I was doing it positioned it’s self so it could get a good look at me which means I got a good look at him

This is one of my best Photographs I’ve taken I have my own photo blog at www.fotoartglamour.com and this is one of the best bird images I’ve captured. On my photo blog you can get an enlarged image by clicking on the smaller image.

My photo blog is well worth a visit to see this photo, I love that you can see such detail of the birds eye and the colour of his feathers, only regret is I didn’t get all the tail in shot, but I’m a proud armature photographer so who cares :-)