Here are some pictures I have taken in the last week that might brighten your day a little :)

Strange and funny things I’ve spotted here in Sunny Skegness.

My husband spotted the couple with the ice creams :) they look like there having a good time in Skeg enjoying their ice cream, the picture reminds me of childhood, a sweet picture.

Ice Cream
Ice Cream

I do like the look on the face of the woman watching the people read the list of ice cream to buy, good picture for a caption ‘What you think your doing, thems my ice creams’ or perhaps ‘what are you having, did I miss something good’ :)

I got a great picture of a couple sleeping in deck chairs on the beach, I love this photo it’s so sweet, a lovely picture, a real photogenic couple too, they look like they could be on the cover of a magazine. They made me smile :)

asleep on the beach

I spotted the sunshine in the tree outside a day care center, I guess some one had found it and put it there for someone to find, it stayed there 2 days until it disapeared.

Sun ina Tree

Good picture of the geese drinking from a puddle, I guess even the geese are worried about the toxic looking yellow water in the boating lake turning them into mutants :)

Geese Drinking from a Puddel

I missed the best photo oppertunity of the laughing Donkey :(, I haven’t found the rapid shot button yet on my camera :)
but I at least got this one and the one where he’s scratching his head on a fork handel.

Laughing Donkey
Scatching Donkey