WOW a table tennis playing baby.

This little guy has become a Internet success after his dad put up the video on YouTube of 18-month old Jamie hits the balls like he has been playing for years.

Have you seen the power behind those swings, his dad smiles has he gets showered in ping pong balls as Jamie hits them accurately at his dad, I’m just glad for his dads sake that those are ping pong ball and not baseballs, that kids got a mean swing :-)

People are heralding this young lad as a future Olympic table tennis hopeful for the UK. I’ve had a bit of experience in this area our eldest son when he was about the same age as the ping pong ball kid could catch ping pong balls without them bouncing, really fast ones too.

Our son grew up to be useless at sports and is a computer geek, he runs like a girl and can’t throw a ball to save his life, but if the world is ever taken over by vicious pixels in the shape of aliens then he’s your man :-)

So this little table tennis star will probably grow up to be an accountant :-)