Flashmob with a difference.

Stay with it, it’s worth it, the plastic flashmob video takes a while, but once it happens it’s awesome and will make your day.

The Plastic Flashmob put a huge smile on my face :)

This video is used to raise awareness of how many plastic bottles are discarded and not recycled in Quebec, the damage to the environment is self evident to all of us as we walk down any high street throughout the world.

Discarding Plastic bottles irresponsibly, causes a devastating impact on the environment and wildlife.

671 Million Plastics are produced world wide, The plastic flashmob videos states 400 million kg of refundable bottles and cans are not recycled in Quebec now think how much that equals when you consider the whole of the world, There are 18,000 pieces of plastic floating on every Km2 of Ocean :(

I have never been a litterbug, when I was about 5 years old my mom brought me a 10p mix, which came in a small white paper bag back then, when I’d eaten my sweets I threw the packet in a bunch of nettles at the side of the road at which point my mom went mad.

I got a good telling off in the street where she threatened to call the police on me for littering, she scared the bejesus out of me :)

With my hand on my heart, I can tell you I have never littered since in the whole of my life and I never will :)

Don’t know if I would have done what the woman in the Plastic Flashmob video did and pick up someone else’s rubbish though, creeps me out not knowing what someones done with it.