Had a blast at the SO Festival on Saturday night, SO Festival 2010 was much better than SO Festival 2009, in the evening me and my son went to the Embassy Theatre to do some free Ceilidh dancing (basically barn dancing) we where on the dance floor straight away and had a great time dancing with lots of nice people, we had a good laugh!. We got almost all the steps wrong, but that just made it more fun.

We both had a good work out, we where sweating a river by the end of the show, but we kept getting up for more, where a sucker for punishment when it comes to fun :).

There was about a 100-200 people who turned up for the barn dancing event, my son and I had huge smiles on our faces all night, it was so much fun, we laughed so much that this morning I have a soar throat :) It felt wonderful a brilliant nights dancing.

My lovely hubby couldn’t come with me :( he strained his arm earlier in the day :(, but he did make it down to the clock tower to see Plasticeins Volants perform.

The performance of Pearl by Plasticeins Volants was amazing at first we were worrying, the show was late in starting. The performance was meant to start at 10pm at around 10.10 a giant inflatable fish ran past us and disappeared down grand parade, then for 30 Minutes we waited with nothing happening, it caused a lot of confusion in the crowd. Quite a few people started to go home, When the Pearl show began it was phenomenal and well worth the wait.

The giant inflatable sea creatures came into view floating in the air towards the clock tower it was awesome and an electrifying experience.

The way the Giant inflatable sea creatures moved through the air did look like they where swimming in the sea and it was thrilling.

The first sights of the Giant sea creatures was scary as they floated ominously towards the clock tower, they really are big and it makes you feel small and insignificant, the music was frighting when they can into sight it sounded like the Tripod Machines off the Tom Cruise move War of the Worlds and it sent chills down your spin some little kids in the crowd started to cry :).

The big fight scene started between the giant octopus who was the bad guy at the clock Tower, he was a naughty octopus who had stolen the precious pearl, my hubby took some video but it doesn’t give the performance justice, you have to be there to get the full effect of the show.

The Giant sea creatures where magical to watch and the technicians controlling the inflatables would occasionally lower their altitude so they where just above the crowd’s heads and you could reach up and touch them, watching Plasticeins Volants was a like entering a child’s world and regaining ones childhood, the immense mass hovering above you made you feel so small and the beauty of their movement wowed you to your core.

The show was accompanied by a DJ and the sound track had a feel of spacey underwater electronic music (quit a good soundtrack), the dance/electronic music gave feeling to the show and was powerful, the music was so important to the success of the show allowing the crowd to know what was happening in the story of the Pearl.

Before the fight the music was ominous, for the fight scene between the giant eel and octopus the music changed to fast dance electronic music and at the end when the pearl was carried down Tower Esplanade the music was calm and water like. The music made it possible to understand the story, which was that a precious pearl had been stolen by the giant octopus and the brave eel and lobster fought for her (the pearl) freedom, and the sea creatures carried her home safely to her Oyster shell.

We followed the Plasticeins Volants performance down Tower Esplanade in Skegness were the Giant inflatables took their precious Pearl and placed it safely in a giant inflatable Oyster shell, fire works where let off in celebrate of the safe return of the pearl and the Skegness Illuminations where switched on.

Plasticeins Volants Pearl was stunning. Another mind blowing experience that we will never forget. Skegness SO Festival 2010 was fantastic loved ever minute.

Skegness SO Festival 2011