Just discovered I like prawns :)

I’ve spent the last 35 years avoiding them because I thought I didn’t like them.

Raw Prawn

I had them in a prawn coleslaw a few years back and didn’t like it.

My son wanted to try a Prawn and Cocktail Sandwich, he convinced me to give it a go and buy some prawns from the supermarket.

My son made the sauce to go in the sandwich and it was delicious .



Good Quality pan bread
Prawns (we used cold water prawns)
Cucumber cubed
1 tbs Mayonnaise
2-3 tbs Tomato Ketchup
Lemon Juice

1. Make the Sauce by simply combining the mayonnaise and tomato ketchup together in a bowl.

2. Cut open Bread and place raw prawns inside cover with a table spoon of cocktail sauce

3. Cube two slicers of cucumber and put inside sandwich with sauce and prawns

4. Squeeze lemon juice on top of filling and eat.