I’m not usually a fan of the Royal family. Here in the UK they divide opinion and are a very controversial subject, but I have to admit watching Prince Charles doing the weather report put a smile on my face. He would have made a great weather man in another life :-)

Prince Charles is not the only Royal who has made me smile in the last few month, Prince Harry’s interview with the BBC during the London Marathon and him racing with Usain Bolt made me warm to the younger Royal and gave me hope that maybe they are starting to adapting to modern life.

I like to see people with real character and it looks like the Royal family has bucket loads, it’s a shame we don’t get to see it very often, really don’t like the prim and proper stand off-ish attitude of the Royal Family it’s good to see they can bring a smile to people faces with their sense of humour, I wish they would show the public more of their true selves.

It’s always good to see people, whom ever they are, having fun.