Came up with a weird meal combination today.

I was just throwing every thing I could find on a plate and it came out quite well.


I’d defrosted some sausage, the mango’s needed eating , the bagels needed using and I had an onion that had been sat in the vegetable basket for two weeks, so I stuck them all together.


My Husband and Son were cracking Jokes when they first saw their dinner, but I had the last laugh they both enjoyed it.

Cinnamon Bagel


Serves Three

3 small Mango
6 Sausages
one large onion
3 Cinnamon and Raisen Bagels
Butter for frying
Golden Syrup



1. Cook Sausage in oven or under a grill until cooked
2. Dice onion and fry in a pan with the butter add a sprinkle of sugar just before onions are ready
3. Skin Mango and cut into chunks
4. Toast Cinnamon Bagels
5. Put every thing on a plate and serve with a small blob of golden syrup

The Sausage dipped in the golden syrup are lovely, honest :).

Golden Syrup