We were absolutely gob smacked by the performers in Cirque Du Ciel show Shanghai.

OMG totally out of this world.

It was that good I can only tell you how good it is in sound bits, so here it goes the show was:

Mind Blowing, unbelievable, astonishing, jaw dropping, absolutely phenomenal, breathtaking, exciting, dazzling, one hell of a show, never to be missed, experience of a life time :)

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen these guy and gals live

The acrobatics was Awesome! never seen anything quite like it, I saw the Chinese State Circus at the theatre a few years back, they where good and magical, but Cirque Du Ciel are on another level.

Shanghai by Cirque Du Ciel is totally thrilling! brilliant circus show, I gasped so much at the heart stopping action I’m surprised I didn’t resemble a balloon by the end of it .

My eyes were like saucers all the way through :)

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