This is hilarious, Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

We went on a cheating husband treasure hunt tonight around Skegness :)

Dotted around Skegness on our usual walk we discovered leaflets that announced:

Woman's Scorn in Skegness


Ian Willis dumped 9 children and a baby on his way to live with his mistress after 23 years. He works in Lings Funland Bingo (arcade) with his mistress

How Disgusting!

OOWEEE Girl, that’s showing him :)

Good for you :)

I’m with you all the way and if I see him I’ll be sure to point and laugh loudly at him, photo was a nice touch :)

Cheating Husband Skegness
husband Cheats on Wife in Skegness
Woman's Scorn in Skegness

Maybe we could have it as a new tourist attraction cheating husband treasure hunt it was a lot of fun trying to spot the posters on the way home, LOL.