Comment on Skegness Woman Serves Justice Cold On Cheating Husband by Happy Chile.

I’m sure your ‘Boss’ is business savvy enough to know no publicity is bad publicity especially since it doesn’t effect his business directly and has nothing to do with him, since the personal life of this staff is no concern of his and is no concern of yours.

How exactly is this effecting you, a co worker, other than a juicy piece of gossip during your coffee break, what, you don’t like sharing :)

All it’s going to do is bring in possible extra trade for the arcade, I think we can forgive a woman wronged in this way, who out of anger mentioned funlands arcade.

Think if it was you and your 9 kids he’d walked out on, he was horny enough to get you pregnant recently and he’d left you with the stress of raising a babe and the other kids with no emotional support for another woman, you wouldn’t exactly be thinking straight.

You wouldn’t be the mistress by any chance LOL :)

As for your comment – ‘not funny, sick and twisted’ I think most adults with some morality would agree dumping your kids and wife for another woman (wanted to use a word that rhymes with fart here instead of another woman :)) is what’s not funny and he is definitely a sick and twisted man for doing so, if it’s true, he’s done a lot worse to his wife and kids than a couple of posters that are now in the bin, she will have to live with wasting the last 23 years on him for the rest of her life.

If he wants to put up some posters about his side of the story we’ll enjoy looking for them too :) since I don’t really care how it went down, who’s in the wrong, what reasons or whether it’s true.

It was Funny!

I think it was rather tame on the whole, I’ve hear of wives that go a lot further than a couple of posters, like feeding there spouse dog food for a week, selling his expensive car for a quid, leaving his expensive wine collection on the doorsteps of their neighbours to find in the morning or announcing on Facebook he’s having a party at his girlfriends house.