Comment on Skegness Woman Serves Justice Cold On Cheating Husband by David.

Your comments have not been censored or edited, you appear to have made the mistake of making two consecutive and unique comments one titled “Disgusting?” the second titled “Vindictive” and assumed they’d be one comment, they came through as two separate comments which is how WordPress blog comments (this site runs under the blog software WordPress) works.

Regarding slander, firstly slander is the spoken word, this is the written form and would be covered under libel laws. There’s nothing libelous in posting a photograph of a poster you stumble upon while wandering around Skegness. What could be considered libel is accusing someone of censoring/editing their comments on a website since that could damage the reputation of the author of the blog.

You really should take a chill pill, your comments here are more damaging to the reputation of Lings Funland Bingo than having an ex-wife (assuming they divorced) of one of your employees posting retribution posters about their cheating ex-husband (no idea if he’s a cheat or not).

You are Lings company administrator, you should know better, you’ve turned something funny that has no real impact on Lings Funland Bingo into something that could potentially damage the business!

It was funny and still is funny. Makes no difference if it is true or not us, it’s FUNNY for us to stumble into posters like this on a walk around Skegness. If this isn’t the truth or there’s another side to the story the comments here are open for the other side of the story (though would be funnier in poster form :-)).

David : the person who noticed the first poster near the Clock Tower that my wife (AKA Happy Chile) photographed.