Comment on Skegness Woman Serves Justice Cold On Cheating Husband by Anonymous.

This disgusting peice of scum is actually my father. There is no baby on the way but my mum thought that there was. My mum is not a tart, it is him that made her have all my brothers and sisters. He’s made my mum to look like a fool and he’s walked out on some beautiful children. My youngest sister is 5 and she still asks when he will come back home from “work”. She doesn’t understand.

I also have a baby on the way and he doesn’t even want to see his grandchild. Why would you give someone so many children and then leave them for a tart at an arcade. If i weren’t heavily pregnant with his grandchild i would have done something i may have regretted by now.

I think Lings Bingo should also know that he has a criminal record of which he did not announce when going for the job at Lings, he stole a ton of money from a Weigh Bridge job he had but they sacked him and the police are still after him.

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