St Patrick’s Day is the day we can all be a little Irish, so get out your green undies and get ready to join in the fun on St Patrick’s Day which is on the 17th March.

St Patrick's Day

You might think being tea total like myself would put a dampener on a good St Patrick’s Day since the celebration is synonymous with alcohol, but NO! even someone who hate the taste of alcoholic beverages can have a good time on St Patrick’s Day :)

Having a dance while listening to Irish Folk music and playing pub games is the way to go.

Here are some of the Coin Games we will be playing on St Patrick’s Day this year

Spending a Penny Game

You Need:

and a timer

Place the cup on one side of the room, on the word go start the timer. You have to place a coin between your legs and make your way over to the cup and drop the coin from in between your knees into the cup the winner is the one who gets the most coins in the cup in one minute.

Penny Push Game

You Need:

10 coins each

Place your penny on the edge of the table, so it’s resting half off the table. Using the bottom of your palm give the penny a push the winner is the person who can get the closest to the other edge of the table without it falling off.

Spoof Game

You Need

3 coins each

Everyone puts their hands behind their backs with the coins in there left hand, they choose how many pennies to put into their right hand (while both hands are behind their backs) 0,1,2 or 3 pennies keeping there right hand closed, bring your hands to the front. Each player tries to guess how many coin there are all together in everyone hand. After everyone has had a guess all the players open their right hand and show their concealed coins, the winner is the one who guess the right amount.

for example if there was 3 players and all 3 of them put in there hand 3 coins each, the winner would be the player who guess there was 9 coins in total.

Heads and Tails Game

You Need:

10 or more coins for each player
A 2p coin

This is a simple betting game
One player is the flicker, all the other player place coins in the center of the table (it’s up to them how much) each player bets on whether the coin will land on heads or tails before the flicker flicks the coin into the air. whom ever guesses right takes the pot if there multiple winners, the winning player play against each other until there is only one winner. The winner takes the pile of coins from the center of the table.

Bouncing Pennies Game

You Need:

Small glass like a shot glass or a cup
coins or a small bouncy ball

place the glass in front of each player or in the center of the table and take it in turns to try and bounce a penny into the glass, one who ever gets the most pennies into the glass wins

I don’t like to use coins for this game since it can ruin a table surface so I use a small rubber ball, if you don’t care about your table top use coins or you could bounce them off a beer mat.

Penny Bowls Game

You Need:

A 10p coin
5 1 or 2p coins
Table or floor

If your playing on the floor roll the 10p across the floor this is your marker coin, player take it in turns to roll their coins trying to get as close to to the 10p as possible. the Winner is the player who gets the closest.

If your playing on a table instead of rolling coins slightly place the coin over the edge of the table and using your palm give it a push across the table.

Spinning Pennies Game

You Need:

Coin for each player

Simple spin your coin the one that spins the longest is the winner.