Grab your wellies and splash in a puddle, for today is step in a puddle and splash your friend day (11 Jan)

I love this holiday means we as a family can have fun splashing in puddles, but I looked outside this morning and there wasn’t any puddles to splash in, OH NO!


We are having a really warm winter here in the UK, it’s January and I’m still just wearing a jumper for our late night walks, the UK was privileged with an Indian Summer in 2011 which has resulted in temperatures in the winter resembling those of early spring. Which is Awesome but no good for Step in a puddle and splash your friends day.

So what to do if it’s as dry as your old mums cooking outside on step in a puddle and splash your friends day?

Answer is any kind of splashing will do, You could:

Head to the beach and splash in the sea, fill a kiddies paddling pool with water and splash in the garden, go to a swimming pool or simply splash in your own bath.

Anything your crazy mind can come up with to splash a friend will be fine, just get out there, get wet and have fun splashing your friend on this crazy national holiday.