I do like Street Artists :)

It’s a shame I’m going to have to wait a full 12 month before I see anything else in Skegness, Skeg only has one Festival a year :(

Stranglings Mariners

These maritime seamen paraded slowly through Skegness during the SO Festival, they would take a few slow paces and then stop and stand still like statues.

The lady in the white coat, in the picture I took, stopped and asked if they where real she hadn’t seen them moving :)

Skegness SO Festival

The reactions of the crowd to something like the strangling can be more interesting to photograph than the main performance, so I concentrate on the crowd as much as the performance and trying out different angles to take a shot :)

I have to say Strangling caused quite a crowd and it was difficult to move in the dense crowd.

Great piece of Art.

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Mariners Street Art Skegness
Skegness SO Festival
Mariners SO Festival
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Skegness SO Festival
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Skegness SO Festival