I was passing through town and saw a Living Statue Street Artist

Living Statue is when some one pretends to be a statue in case anyone doesn’t know :)

Street Artist

I wasn’t going to go and take a photo (I don’t like taking photos of people) but my fabulous hubby persuaded me to go over to take some pictures

She looked Awesome. Her outfit was Brilliant.

Skegness Street Artist

If you drop money in the tub at her feet she moves, little kids where mesmerised by her :)

I dropped my money in and she twirled her umbrella looked at me and gave me a wink and a tip of her hat at which point I blushed red.

Living Statue Street Art

I don’t like attention from people, I’m not used to it :)

I didn’t know what to do or how to react, so I stood there grinning like a little kid turning red in my cheeks :)

Missing the perfect picture of her winking at me, ‘argh well’ these things happen I guess LOL

Street Art

Funny thing is I’d love to do that and it wouldn’t bother me in that situation ‘Weird’ :)

She was absolutely cool, an Awesome piece of Street Art in Skegness.