Comment on Street Artist – Living Statue in Skegness Town Center by Happy Chile.

People scoff at street artist? Some people are strange :)

She has nothing to fear in Skegness of not being in the theme of the area, Here in Skegness she adds a bit of class :)

Skegness is so gaudy you wouldn’t notice if someone threw multi coloured paint around town :)

As for the money she was making a far bit, I would say more than most buskers. children where eager to throw a coin in the tub to see what she would do.

She got lots of interest, people taking photographs and like you said stopping and thinking for a while

Maybe if times ever get hard you should consider being a living statue, a lot easier than a barber shop quartet.

Come to Skegness in the UK and you could help with giving the locals a bit of culture :)