Was watching the news and apparently there was a Super Moon yesterday!

They could have told us the day before instead of the day after so folks could have appreciated it, Numpties their to busy concentrating on bad news that this slipped by them, ‘Tut,Tut’.

Super Moon

OK we went out last night and the sky was clear, we didn’t notice the moon until we got to the beach.

During a Super Moon the moon is up to 14% larger, I didn’t notice it was bigger but we definitely noticed how bright it was, it hurt my eyes to look at it.

We got the whole beach light up before our feet which was cool since the council switches off the light after 11 o’clock at night and it’s usually really dark.

I’m just glad I didn’t miss it, I’ve hurt my foot and I’m finding it hard to walk but I decided to go for our usual nightly walk anyway (regretting it now though my foot is killing me today :)).

A super Moon is when the moon comes a little closer to the earth, the next Super Moon will be in another 20 years or so. Geese I’ll be 56 the next time a Super Moon happens, I just hope the Night Sky in another 20 years will be as clear as it was last night :)

I hope you got to see it too where ever you where.