A sure-fire way to feeling depressed is boredom, so snap yourself out of it by doing something crazy.

Below are 10 ideas for you to try to battle boredom. Only angry, morbid people are too lame to have fun so let yourself go, you might surprise yourself and have fun, it never hurts to try.

Boredom Kid

Doing something is better than being bored, as a wise Yoda once said “boredom leads to negativity, negativity leads to depression” – it was something like that :-)


10 boredom busting ideas

1. Go on a mystery walk in your neighbour hood. It’s simple to do I do this with my kids, but taking your dog or partner is fun to.
Walk down the street and every corner you come to choose left or right, but don’t have a destination in mind, take a route you might not have gone down before. My kids and I found a wooded walk and a farmer’s field that had loads of wildlife, we never knew these places in our town.

2. go through the English dictionary for long words and try to use them in a story, conversation or email this one can really freak your friends out :-)

3. learn to peel a banana with your feet, may take a while, but is a great laugh and a fantastic party trick.

4. Learn to be ambidextrous, Write and doodle with your weakest hand.

5. Blow the biggest soap-bubble with a bubble wand, great competition with friends or kids.

6. Learn the thriller dance.

7. Treat yourself, go out with £5 and see what bargains you can find.

8. Make up new dialog to a movie on mute, me and my husband do this all the time with old movies.

9. Skip rope and look up some tricks online to try out.

10. Plan fun things to do next month with your family or friends, might seem dull, but you’ll find once you start to think about the month ahead and the fun you will have gives you something to look forward to and work towards.