The London Olympics is Officially open.

The Queen and Mr Bean stole the opening ceremony show, it’s the first time I’ve ever laughed out loud watching an Olympic ceremony, much more warm and personal than the Beijing Olympics. It might not have been as technical as Beijing or as impreserve on a big stage, but it had some wonderful moments. I’d say they put on a good show over all, especially considering the people in the UK are going through a time of austerity.

They nailed the comedy perfectly, I’m glad the Opening ceremony wasn’t to stuffy, the UK is known for its good sense of humour and we were thrilled that it was celebrated, it’s one of the things that defines us as a nation.

My did we get a shock when the Queen took part as a Bond girl. James Bond and the Queen, genius! I actually said when Mr Bond walked into the queens chambers and she had her back to the camera ‘it would have been brilliant if that was actually the queen’ convinced like everyone watching it was going to be a doppelgänger, then when she turned round I yelp ‘OO it is, it’s actually the queen’, ‘that’s awesome’ I wasn’t expecting that at all, it was total delightful. If the Royal family keep going like this I’m going to have to start loving them :-) a good sense of humour and to see you human side is the way to get me to warm to you.

Loved Mr Bean and the chariots of fire easily the best part of the London Olympic opening ceremony, brilliant piece of comedy. When the music started I was happy just to listen to an orchestral performance of chariots of fire, but when Mr Bean was revealed the crowd gave a loud cheer, as well as in ever home in the UK I’m sure, I know in our house there was :-)

The comedy was the best touch of the London Olympic Opening Ceremony, it set it apart from other Opening Ceremonies it was individual and friendly the fact we got to laugh means it felt like it was something we at home were apart of instead of just something we watched, I hope there will be more comedy in the closing ceremony, here’s hoping :-)