Earth hour takes place in March at 8.30pm

I love the concept of Earth Hour, although most of us don’t live in an area that celebrates or partake in Earth Hour in a big way like major cities do, we can still do our bit and have a good time by candle light to show that some of us care deeply about our planet.

I’ve compiled a quick list of things to do during Earth Hour, when I was looking for inspiration online I found most of the things to do on Earth Hour activities boring and uninspiring, so I made up my own :) I hope you like them.

1. Roasting marshmallows over candle light, my kids have loved doing this over the years and it works for couples as well as families.

2. Shadow puppets.
This activity can be do by candlelight or a torch, if you want to be environmentally friendly during Earth Hour you could always use a wind up torch to create your Shadow puppets :-)

3. Board games are always good, when ever the lights go out we always find out the board games and play them by candlelight.

4. Take a walk in the dark.
This Earth Hour activity is good for every one, a walk in the dark is exciting for kids and good for couples, you can bet your girlfriend will end up in your arms at least once on a walk in the dark.

5. Ghost stories by candlelight

6. Candle light dinner.
A classic or If your lucky to live somewhere warm a candle lite picnic, just put some tea lights in jam jars around your blanket works well for park or beach.

7. Star Gazing.
Take trip outside lay a blanket out and look at the night sky

8. Drawing in the Dark.
Get a roll of plain wall paper, tape it to a wall switch off the lights then let the family loose to create some art in the dark, if you want to make it harder blindfold everyone. be prepared for mess though :)

9. Moth Watching.
All you need is a white sheet and a torch. Hang the sheet from a tree or washing line place a torch behind the sheet and wait to see what moths you attract. don’t worry moth can’t bite you they have no mouth parts just a tongue.

10. Going Tribal.
Around a small camp fire gather together some friends and bang some drums or alternatively if you can’t find a drum or a pan to hit make music just by making noise with your voice Capella style, to make your Capella earth hour run smoothly have a list of songs in advance.

11. Candle Garden Party.
Light the whole garden with Candles and have a party.

12. Candle light walk.
Get your friends together and walk around your town by candle light to help bring awareness of earth hour

13. Candle Art
Create a piece of art with candles, in your back yard, at the park or on the beach.

14. Party Games.
There are lots of games you can adapt to playing in the dark from kids party games to adult drinking games. Below is a few ideas check out for more game ideas to adapt in the dark.

15. Glow stick Dancing.
Buy some Glow sticks and dance in the dark, another idea buy some Glow Balloons and play some balloon games

Light Painting

16. Night time photography

17. Light Painting Photography
Check out on how to take Light Photography

18. Indoor Camp Fire
Gather together the family pop some candles in jars and sit around them in a circle and sing songs, tell joke, perform stories. Do whatever you like.

19. Guitar
If your musically talented pull out your guitar and strum out some songs for everyone to sing along to, if you can’t play a guitar sing along to a instrumental c.d. Disney songs work well.

20. Take a Nap.
My hubby’s personal favourite and the only reason why I’ve included it, well we can’t forget the morbid people, they have feelings too :-)