It was officially autumn on the 23rd of September the autumn equinox brought the reminder that Winter is fast approaching, but wait It’s not all doom and gloom! autumn is a glorious time of year with nature creating a canvas filled with colour :)

Spring and Autumn is my favourite time of year the weather is not to hot or too cold. There the perfect Goldilocks seasons with temperatures being just right :) I love to get outdoors at this time of the year and enjoy autumn.

I found this great video of some lovely clay leaves you can make and have compiles a list of some of the things that make autumn a wonderful opportunity to have fun.

Fun Things To Do in Autumn

Gather around a Camp fire
Wellies on the beach
Apple Picking
Pumpkin Carving
Bonfire night
Rope Swing/ Tree climbing if your young enough :)
Leaf Kicking
Pull out your forgotten jumpers
Make clay leaves
Walk in a wood
Play Conkers
Roast Marshmallows over an open fire
Visit a Graveyard
Visit Nature reserves to see migrant birds
Walks around villages and Towns
Go Star Gazing
Make Animal Homes
Mushroom Spotting