Pancake day wouldn’t be the same without some fun traditional games to play with your Pancakes :)

Pancake Racing

Gather together friends and families give each on a frying pan and a pancake and have them race down a track tossing there pancake in the air. first one across the line wins.

Pancake Toss

Now this is my kinda game no running :) Give each player a frying and a pancake and see who can toss there pancake into the air and catch it in their pan, the one who flips their Pancake the most times in one minute wins. This game is great to work up an appetite before tucking into some delicious Pancakes

Pancake in the Air

Toss your pancake in the air as high as you can and catch it again, best played outside :)

Pancake Pass

You need two players, each has a frying pan. Toss a pancake to each other back and forth until someone drops it, that player is replaced by a new player and the game continues until there is an all out winner.