I’m a fan of BBC Proms and this year they had for the very first time the comedy proms hosted by the comedian Tim Minchin who composed some very funny pieces of music.

One of my favourites was the F sharp song

Also loved the appearance of the Beardy Man whom I love, wish he would come to my town to perform ‘Cough, Skegness, cough’ :)

And a short sketch by The Boy with Tape on his Face which I thought was brilliant.

I didn’t get the comedy aimed at the upper classes, personally didn’t find it funny but it does go to show that the BBC comedy Proms has something for everyone :)

BBC Proms goes on for weeks and has a wide spectrum of entertainment in all genre from Opera through to DR WHO. I really enjoyed the comedy Proms and I hope it is included in the Proms again in 2012.