Had one of the best nights of our lives tonight during the SO Festival 2010.

We started off the SO Festival at the Embassy theatre to participate in the BBC Introducing broadcast live from the Embassy theatre in Skegness on Lincs FM

Transe Express

BBC Introducing is an oppertunaty where the BBC gives unsigned new talented bands, musicians and singer the oppertunaty to be heard by the masses on the radio, live on stage in the hope a music company will sign them up to be the next big thing in the music world, giving them a perfect oppertunaty to be heard.

We got to listen to some great unsigned bands I was dancing away for two hours of Modern Rock music think along the lines of Kings of Leon. We had a ball! I really let my hair down the Embassy had removed all the chairs in the auditorium and I got to dance the night away with my son and hubby, suited me down to a tee I love that kind of rock music.

Then at 10pm we got to see Transe Express – Mobile Homme
A Brilliant French drumming team that paraded amongst the thousands in the crowd, we were treated to light hearted, funny parade of French clowns as they made their way down Tower Esplanade. As part of their performance the 6 men and 1 lady was lifted into the air by a huge crane were they performed high above Skegness.

SO Festival Transe Express

The drumming was fantastic and the lady was a great trapeze artist performing circus tricks high above Skegness while the men played the music she performed to. The Trapeze artist must have had an amazing view of the thousands of people in Skegness watching her when see was upside down looking towards the crowds.

Transe Express Mobile Homme was an astounding show one of the best things I’ve ever seen, a unmissable Once in a life time oppertunaty.

Transe Express above Skegness

We got lucky at the end of the night, we were heading home when we heard Transe Express playing again, so we doubled back to see them. By chance we had them pass right by us, we rushed to catch them up and accidentally ended up in front of a stage where they performed there last piece of music of the night :).

Transe Express where absolutely breath taking!, I got some Video of Trans Express unfortunately the sound was turned off on my digital camera :( I got a bit excited and forgot to check the settings on my camera DUH!, but you know these things happen, were just glad we saw them we’ll never forget how brilliant Transe Express was.

Our eldest son didn’t get to see BBC Introducing since he was working, but he caught Transe Express Mobile Homme. Funny bugger thought it would be funny to pull my leg and pretend he hadn’t seen it, we had to leave without him because he was undecided if he was going down to the clock tower in Skeg to see Transe Express or not because he was tired from work and had just walked through the door moments before we were setting off, we thought he wasn’t going to see them. I burst in the door at the end of the night to find him sat in front of his computer, he strung me along for about ten minutes before at the end of my conversation he let the cat out the bag by adding “yeah that woman was really good up there on that trapeze” I wounded why, while I was raving about what I had seen he had a funny little smile on his face. I’m glad he got to see Transe Express.

Transe Express

Turned out he was just across the road from us, but we never saw him through the thousands of people who was there to see Transe Express Mobil Homme.

To be honest I was shocked at how many people turned out to see Transe Express at the SO Festival, the streets seemed quite quiet until we turned a corner at the clock tower to see the road filled with thousands of people, there had to be 10,000 people gathered there, it was a jaw dropping moment! I thought last years SO Festival had a lot of people it was estimated that the beach in 2009 to see World Famous (a fireworks company) and Terra Folk (a live band) perform a spectacular fire display together was busy, but last night there was a lot more people celebrating the SO Festival for 2010.

Skegness Crowd

I’ve heard on the grape vine that the SO Festival will be an Biannual event (every second year) which will be a shame if it’s true.

Can’t wait until the SO Festival events tomorrow night for the Skegness Illuminations switch on.

We will be getting on down to some Irish/Scottish Ceilidh dancing (barn dancing) on Saturday as part of the SO Festival celebrations and for the Skegness Illuminations Switch on we will be seeing Plasticiens Volants perform, I’m Excited like a kid waiting for father Christmas! :)

Skegness SO Festival 2011