Twinings Tea

Like all good Brits I love a cup of tea (or a cuppa/brew as it’s known to use :-))

I’ve Just discovered a new tea from twining called Rose Garden and it is delicious :-)

It has a beautiful rose aroma and tastes like Turkish delight which I love, I’ve been snuggling up every evening with a cup of Twining Rose Garden since I brought it home from the shop, but it’s a limited addition so I’m off out today to see if there’s any left in the shop, so I can stock up on this wonderful tea before it’s removed from the shelves.

I hope Twining decides to keep the Rose Garden tea permanently, it’s a comforting tea that’s lovely to drink in the quite moments of the day or when you need a pick me up. Twining Rose Garden is like a cuddle in a mug on a luscious warm day :-)

My youngest son likes the tea so much he wrote to Twining to tell them how much he likes it :-)

My all time favourite tea before Twining Rose Garden was Twining Lady Grey which has a gorgeous fruity flavour. I discovered Lady Grey when I was in an adventurous mood and fancied something new :-)

If you love a good cuppa give this a tea a go.