Spring is here and to celebrate we went for a walk in the woods at night.

We found this wood by accident it’s a place barely anyone knows about which means you can walk around it without having to look at the floor for dog mess which is brilliant, living on a little island means you can’t go anywhere others haven’t been, so to find this little gem we know we are very lucky.


We were hoping to see some deer which is why we headed out so late, there were no deer unfortunately that night but we did see a barn owl, buzzard, hare and a bat, in fact I got some great picture and some footage of a hare who decided to walk toward us, our son got hit in the head with a bat! of the winged variety :-) while he was filming the hare.

Barn Owl

The moon was out, the star were bright – everything was perfect.

I love the little things in life :-)

Woods At Night
Barn Owl
In The Woods