Walker Crisp Commercials are a firm favourite of mine.

Starring Gary Lineker Walkers Adverts always pot a smile on my face.

I suppose to anyone outside the UK they might be thinking what’s so funny, the star of the Walkers Crisp Commercials Gary Lineker was one of our best Footballers in the 1990’s he played in the famous 1990 world cup where England made it through to the World cup final and only narrowly lost during penalties against Germany, the closest England has got to winning the World Cup in over 40 years.

Gary Lineker is Know as the Nice boy of football and is seen as rather dull, he’s not I’m sure, but his persona comes across as the a typical boring sports personality, so when he started to appear in the Walkers Commercials households throughout the UK erupted into laughter as Gary turned the stereotype on it’s head.

Full of Comedy the Walker Crisp Commercials are a huge hit in our household and we love it when we see a new one

Walkers Crisps Commercials have put a smile on my face for years since Gary has been the star in them.