We had a welcomed visitor to our garden, a wild baby rabbit or at least I think it a wild rabbit, could be one someones lost but it does act more like a wild rabbit than a domesticated one, more skittish and fast than a pet rabbit which tend to be a bit more hoppy and sluggish in movement and temperament.

Wild Baby Rabbit on my Garden

I have no idea what it’s doing this far up in Skegness, we live on a main road, but their he was sat eating grass on my back garden :)

My hubby put out a carrot and he’s took a liking to the apples I put our for the birds, he’s so tiny, but fast he’s like a blur when he runs.

Our garden isn’t exactly a wildlife paradise the backs yards just a concrete slab, the rabbits been eating the weeds and grass growing through the cracks on the drive, we have no fence so the usual visitors we have are of the human variety who walk across or go rummaging through our stuff to see if theirs anything they can nick :(

Wild Baby Rabbit on my Garden

The baby rabbit found refuge under a old door my hubby lifted onto bricks so he could store some wood sheets on top, it makes a really nice den for a baby rabbit.

Talking about my hubby, he went outside and tidied up a bit so I could get a better view of the rabbit from my kitchen window, he’s made a run for the rabbit so if the rabbit needs to escape it can run from under the door down the side of the shed

Wild Baby Rabbit on my Garden

I was having a really horrid day yesterday, I’m stressed out about trying to find some where to move and had an argument with my hubby, do we move and possibly lose money if the housing market drops or stay and finishing renovating this house which I don’t want to do or can do due to my hubbies health, I’ve had enough of this place in so many aspects, I want to move from Skeg altogether.

I’m over whelmed by the boxes and boxes of toys and books and other rubbish that needs throwing away I haven’t seen my living room for 2 months and we saved a baby moorhen from drowning for it to die later the next day :( we were hoping to get it warm, give it a feed then return it back to it’s parents, it pepped up then when down hill fast, it looks like it got pneumonia from the sound of it’s breathing it had water on it’s lungs :(

So when I saw this baby rabbit it brightened me up and lifted a dark cloud that was dominating my whole day, I never imagined I would have a wild baby rabbit on my garden, it’s amazing I don’t think I’ve ever spent this long in my kitchen, I keep popping in to see if he’s there, I hope the baby rabbit stays a little while longer :)

Wild Baby Rabbit on my Garden

I don’t believe in keeping pets, I much prefere to see wild animals going about their day to day lives, it’s a real privilege to witness a snap shot of a wild animals private moments and much more rewarding than ‘Owning’ a pet, Only time I would ‘own’ a pet is if they had a purpose, a job to do like chickens or a dog for when I’m old so I could walk the streets in some relative safety, I’d never cage an animal or own one for the sake of it because it’s cute.