Disney’s Toy Story 3 is Great!

I laugh, cried and was on the edge of my seat , I absolutely loved Toy Story 3 can’t fault it and the extras Pixar gives you with the DVD is amazing.

Toy Story 3

I thought this was the best Toy Story Film by far, the other two where a little boring if you ask me particularly the first toy story film, I enjoyed the first two Disney films just not as much as Toy Story 3.

At first it seemed TS3 was going to be the same as the other two films nice with striking animation but nothing to write home about, until the toys end up at a Sunny Side day care center then it all kicks off and the story evolves into a heart warming master piece filled with action and adventure as the toys try to escape the nursery.

Pixar Toy Story 3

It will make grown men cry believe you me.

The Story takes an unexpected turn when Andy’s Toys are imprisoned by a Cute adorable bear called Lotso (Lots-o’-Huggin’ ) he might look cute and cuddly, but he’s actually a mean bear.

Let’s just say there’s an escape attempt, a dump truck and an incinerator that leads to the best piece of animation I’ve ever seen.

Disney Toy Story 3

Buzz, Woody and the other work so hard to escape from a recycling plant, but even after all their efforts to to stick together and all they’ve been through to find each other they find themselves in a cascading metal pile heading towards an incinerator they can’t get out and so they reside themselves to their impending doom.

Disney Pixar Toy Story 3

Pixar has surpassed themselves with this piece of animation not a word is spoken yet the emotion portrayed is outstanding I was on the edge of my seat with tears in my eyes as the family of toys hold each others hands as they fall closer to the flames.

Don’t worry folks Woody and the others are saved (it will make you laugh when you see who saves them)

Funniest part in the movie has to be when Buzz is switched on to his Latino Settings and he dances to woo Jessy who he Loves, Very Funny and the moves on that Spaceman, wooee that’s some hot Latin stuff LOL :)

Loving Ken and his sparkling jeans, rock that 70’s vibe :)

Toy Story 3

The ending is very moving as we watch Andy who’s leaving for College give our Toys away to a little girl, I say our since all of us who has been watching the Toy Story Movies from the beginning feel some connection to Woody, Buzz and the others.

Disney Pixars Toy Story 3 in a great Disney movie and one I shall watch again and again.

Disney Toy Story 3