Watched Doctor Who with the family it was very exciting, funny and sad, I cried “SNIFF” even my hubby and son had glazed eyes. New Years Day was the last episode David Tennant would be The Doctor “SNIFF” :-). We love Doctor Who and every generation has a doctor of their own and for me, my hubby and son it was David Tennant, although I’m 34 and Doctor Who as been on the BBC since the 60’s and most people find their Doctor when their kids I didn’t.

Doctor Who and Donna Noble

I loathed the series when I was younger, found the old Doctor Who program boring and when my dad watched it on the box I would go out side to play, but since Doctor Who came back to British screens in 2006 I have been hooked.

It’s very exciting and the story writing superb! Doctor Who is now a fantastic program.

We love Sci-Fi, I normally don’t watch British Programs we find them dull, our usual programs are from America like Supernatural, Stargate and Buffy.

Doctor Who on the other hand is a top rate program it’s not done on the cheap which is unusual for the UK. Doctor Who has plenty of laughs and Excitement. David Tennant smashed the comedy in his brilliant portrayal of the Doctor, (you can’t help, but love him).

We always gather around the T.V together on a Saturday evening as a family to watch Doctor Who which is another reason we love Doctor Who so much it suits us all down to a T.

We now wait in anticipation until spring 2010 when we get to see the new Doctor in action, Boy he’s got big shoes to fill.

New Doctor Who

The new Doctor will be a young actor by the name of Matt Smith.