My favourite episodes where Vincent and the Doctor, The time of Angels/ Flesh and Stone and the Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang.

Doctor Who and Amy Pond

Vincent and the Doctor made me cry! I found it moving and a wonderful tribute to Vincent van gogh who was so unappreciated in his own time and was a lovely idea to have the Doctor take Vincent to the future to see his work being admired with love and passion A really beautiful episode.

Vincent and the Doctor

The Time of Angels sent chills down my spin. I love the Angels. When ever their on the screen I revert back to a little kid and I want to hide behind the sofa. Time for Angels and Flesh and Stone was a fantastic double helping of the scariest Doctor Who Monsters the stone angels, DON’T EVEN BLINK!.

Weeping Angel

For me the Stone Angels are the scariest Doctor Who creation so far, much more frightening than the Dalek or the cybermen put together.

Weeping Angel

The Double episode Finale Pandorica Opens and the Big Bang.

All of the Doctors evil enemies united to defeat the doctor and trap him in the Pandorica to stop the end of the universe that the Dalek, cyborg men, Slavine and many other Doctor Who Monsters believe will happen if the Doctor returns to the Tardis, but they didn’t know that there was another being that could control the Tardis, River Song!

River Song blows up the Tardis destroying the universe in the process.

Most disturbing Doctor Who episode for me was The Beast Below, it really didn’t settle well with me and on this particular episode the new Writing style for season 5 showed how different the new style is from the previous Doctor Who.

Doctor Who River Song

The Beast Below episode was really dark, it left me feeling spooked and uneasy after watching the cruelty that man kind had bestowed on an innocent creator for there own gain, enslaving a peaceful and magnificent beast was made all the worst in the Doctor Who Series The Beast Below when the Writers chose to put a chilling twist in the tale that the space whale had sacrificed it’s life to save humanity and was the last of it’s kind, the hole concept left my gut feeling twisted and cold. I guess it is the stark reality that humans can find it so easy to justify cruelty if it is beneficial to them :-(

It’s not the the episode The beast below was written badly on the con-trey I’m enjoying the tense atmosphere of Doctor Who season 5 all the writers are amazing and very good at what they do, for me the inner message of the story brought home with a crash the cold hard fact that humans have so far to go in their intelligence, it’s scary.

Humans have the ability to be so great and at the same time can be mindless animals, the cruelty was the frightening concept in The Beast Below that left me feeling horrified.

All humans know how to be good and do the right thing they just choose not to through a lack of education and ignorance.

I’m loving the Writers of the Modern (2006 onwards) Doctor Who series, I’m finding the stories Imaginative, Creative and wonderfully thrilling. It’s obvious real talent is shinning through and the writers have made Doctor Who a real joy to watch.

Doctor Who Logo

I personally didn’t like the older Doctor Who series found it boring and repetitive. When ever Doctor Who came on TV when I was a child I would go out to play, not even the monsters was enough to keep me in, but since the 9th doctor I’ve been hooked and I’m glad to say the family as a whole. It’s nice to be able to gather around the TV with the kids and my hubby with some popcorn and watch a family show we all enjoy and get excited about seeing.

Can’t wait until Doctor Who season 6 come back to our screens.