Heroes season 4 started to day on BBC 2. I had forgotten all the exciting things that had happened in the previous season like Sylar being mind wiped and living his life as Nathan pertrelli and that Nathan Petrelli was dead!

How does someone forget that!, I must have had my eyes shut last season or something :-), and that our favourite character Hero powers are on the fritz.

Heroes Season 4

We watched the first episode of season 4 and was gob smacked when we discovered Hero as a brain tumor and was going to die NO! they can’t let that happen, not to Hero, he’s so sweet and lovely.

We’re hoping for some miraculous recovery for Hero, where thinking along the lines of Matt Parkman’s baby son could play a part in curing Hero maybe?

It’s looking to be an interesting season 4 with new foes, which doesn’t look good for the Heroes and the ever impressive Syler to deal with.

Syler is such an interesting character it must be a great character to play for Zachary Quinto. Syler is so evil and cunning, but can also do good with a twisted demon logic.

Peter Petrelli

every time an episode finishes me and my hubby look at one another and cry NO we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens!

Heroes is one of those programs for us that once it starts we don’t want it to stop we want all the episodes to run continuously in one day, but if they did that we would then be upset that it wouldn’t be on again the week after. OH THE DILEMOUR! :-)