Saw Shrek forever After on DVD and we loved it.

Like so many other people I’ve been a firm follower of Shrek and I have to say I found Shrek Forever After to be a good animated film.


A lot of people didn’t like Forever After as much as the other Shrek films.

I disagree with their grumpy moodings I found the story to be on par with a traditional fair tale and as funny as ever, folks have called the storyline dark, traditional fairy stories are dark a lot darker than Shrek Forever After was .

Shrek Forever After

All I can say is these people obviously have had there brains dissolved by drivel like Twilight where everything sparkles and nothing goes bump in the dark :)

Shrek Forever After is not that dark (people are over exaggerating in using the term), yes it has a more serious story line than the other three Shrek films, but it still keeps it’s charm and in the end everything turns out as predictable as the other three Shrek films (and for that matter all fairy tales do) with a happy sweet ending.

Puss in Boots

We all love The Shrek Films for the comedy each one as had it’s funny moments which have delighted me, in Shrek Forever After it had to be Butter Pants The annoying child that asks Shrek to “DO THE ROAR” LOL, I was not expecting that voice to come from the character it was hilarious! we all looked at each other and broke out laughing, I’ve had a week of “DO THE ROAR” ringing in my ears from my hubby and son saying it every two minutes :).

Shrek Gingy

It was nice to see the familiar characters in a different light from the previous films, in Shrek Forever After an alternate reality has been caused by Shrek when he makes a deal with the with the bad Rumpelstiltskin.

Rumpelstiltskin eradicate Shrek from the past, all his friends now have different lives and don’t know who Shrek is.

The worlds gone wrong and is in rack and ruin. Shrek has to gain the trust of his old friends and brake the evil spell by getting true loves kiss from Fiona before dawn.

Gingy is a Gladiator, Puss has lost his slim physique and Donkey well Donkey is still annoying in his adorable way :).

Princess Fiona Kicked ass as a Warrior Ogre leader in Shrek Forever After.

Shrek Forever After Fiona

It was nice to see a strong Fiona instead of the dutiful rather boring female princess who’s always lost in the back ground, the Princess Fiona in Shrek Forever After was strong, unlike in previous films where although she’d learned Karate in the tower and would burp and fart because she was a Ogre, she still managed to do it in a irritating princess prim and proper manner in her characterless Barbey way, Yukk!

Fiona Ogre warrior Princess was much more interesting a character she was a sort of cross between Boudicca and Zena.

Although the stories of all the films never seem to go deep enough (you always get the feeling while watching Shrek the animators want to do so much more) Shrek Forever After had a good storyline with some humph.

We enjoyed Shrek Forever After, it was a great film and a fine end to the Shrek dynasty.