Season 5 of Supernatural has come to an end in England :( always upsets me when my Favourite TV programs finish, but not for to long there is a Supernatural Season 6 to look forward to :)


We’ve been a fan of Supernatural since it hit the screen in England, We love Supernatural it has every thing we love about fantasy TV
stories great, it’s funny and there’s lots of monsters what else can you ask for and to top it off a great sound track of kick ass music from classics like ACDC, Kansas and Black Sabbath.

Our youngest son from watching Supernatural has become a huge fan of 70’s Rock Music which means my music list is more uptodate than his since ACDC and the whole 70’s rock era was a little before my time.

The ending to Supernatural Season 5 was cool didn’t see it coming at all.

As a family we often discuss what we think will happen at the end of the series makes for a good conversation over the dinner table and none of us where any where close to the supernatural finial.

I thought both Sam and Dean would end up becoming the vessels to Lucifer and Michael, but would have a plan to defeat them with the help of Bobby, Lame I know, but I didn’t have a clue where it was going so I stuck with the obvious with a twist.

It was a huge shock and a delight to see that the car, Dean shiny black Camaro would be the saviour of the day.

I loved the twist and that the focus of the season 5 final was from the perspective of the cars importance. I have to admit never gave it a second thought about the car other than it was Deans pride and joy.

You kinda took it for granted that the Camaro had been in the Winchester family for so long and was an so important. I thought it was a really neat idea to have the shiny black Camaro would be the saviour of the day two accidental nomadic Brothers.

Never saw it coming and it was cool!!

Looking forward to Supernatural Season 6 with batted breath and will enjoy the mad discussions with the family about what we think will happen when Supernatural comes back on our screens for season 6.

So far we think that in Supernatural season 6 Bobby’s not going to get his sole back from the demon Crowley that Crowley either will keep Bobby’s sole as a bargaining chip against the Winchester Brothers and this will enable Crowley to go up the demon ranks to head honcho now there’s no Lucifer.

Very unlikely, but you never know and if Crowley did keep using bobby’s sole against Sam and Dean when the Winchester Brothers finally killed Crowley play back could be sweet for an episode.

If Sam is good: meaning he has been purged of Lucifer we think he will leave Dean to have some time with the woman he loves and Sam will hold the fort against the demon hordes by himself for a while, before something big goes wrong like Deans Girlfriend dies by being killed by either demons or Angels out for revenge and Sam sweeps in to help Dean

If Sam is bad: Then Lucifer will go after Dean to destroy the control Sam can inflict from the inside.
We could see a huge plot where all the way through the series we thinks it’s Sam, but it’s the devil subtly influencing the out come over season 6 to ensure Dean either dies or becomes Michael’s host.

Castiel we think is more powerful now to protect Sam and Dean from Angels that will go after them for revenge for Michael.

Big plot it’s not over in the war and evident fight between Lucifer and Michael, since we figure the small parts in season 5 where when Lucifer took over Sam and said that they where two halves that where now whole suggests that they are apart of one another and Michael before being sucked into the void said It can’t end this way that Lucifer and Michael are destined to fight.

To be honest we don’t have a clue :) we’ve been surprised at the story line and ending to each season of Supernatural, but it’s fun trying to guess what might happen with the family.